City of Scottsdale

STORM Representative(s)

Krystal Heyer
(480) 312-8716
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seandale Poe
(480) 312-8751

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Report a Problem

HHW / Solid Waste / Recycling – (480) 312-5600

Storm Drain / Illegal Dumping / Illegal Discharges / Spill Events - (480) 312-8780

Standing Water – (480) 312-2546

Flooding / Drainage Issues – (480) 312-2500

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Program Summary

Scottsdale's drainage system consists of about 403 miles of conveyance facilities including pipe and box underground facilities, open channels and washes and roadway sections. Most of the pipe and box sections are located south of the Central Arizona Project (CAP) and nearly all of the washes are located north of the CAP. Indian Bend Wash is the city's primary tributary to the Salt River and is a nationally recognized flood control project that includes parks, golf courses, lakes, and a multi-use trail system.

The City of Scottsdale was classified as a Phase I MS4 for serving a population of greater than or equal to 100,000 and obtained its Phase I permit in August 1999.

Goals of the NPDES Program

  • Keep stormwater clean and flowing
  • Keep our lakes, parks, and open spaces free from debris and trash
  • Maintain wildlife habitats
  • Prevent contamination of groundwater

To accomplish these goals, the City of Scottsdale:

  • Prohibits illegal dumping or connections and non-stormwater discharges into the City's stormwater system
  • Monitors high-risk sites (industrial or construction)
  • Reduces the amount of trash and debris that can enter the system
  • Inspects and maintains the City's stormwater system
  • Routinely sweeps the streets and bike paths
  • Manages waste collection programs for recycling, household hazardous waste, and composting
  • Provides education and information to citizens and staff
  • Submits annual reports to ADEQ

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