Household Hazardous Waste Programs

Household hazardous waste (HHW) is a simply common everyday product that people use in and around their homes including: cleaners and solvents; paints; automotive products; medicines, beauty products; pool chemicals; pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers; lighter fluids and other fuels (i.e. gasoline). The chemicals found in these products can be quite hazardous and therefore require proper disposal. Throwing HHW in the trash, pouring it down the drain, or dumping it on the ground is not only dangerous and irresponsible, but it is often illegal.

There are better ways to dispose of HHW. In fact, as simple as it may seem, the trick to managing HHW is to avoid generating it in the first place. Here are some tips:

  • Use it up – Many household products have a long shelf life and may work well years after they were purchased.
  • Give it away – Except for medicines and pesticides, friends, neighbors or community organizations may be able to use the products you no longer need.
  • Recycle it – Many hazardous materials can be broken down and used to make new products. For example, some automotive stores will accept used automotive oil, batteries and tires.
  • Follow label instructions – Some products can safely be put out with the trash.
  • For those products that do need to be disposed of, please contact your community by visiting our Members and Sponsors webpage and clicking on the appropriate municipal member logo.



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