Storm Representative

Environmental & Safety Coordinator
50 E Civic Center Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85296


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Town of Gilbert Stormwater Ordinances

Town of Gilbert Ordinance 1590 governs stormwater issues in Gilbert. Visit Gilbert's website to view a copy of the ordinance.

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Town of Gilbert Stormwater Fact Sheets

Visit the Town of Gilbert website to view stormwater fact sheets for everyone as well as specific fact sheets for residents and businesses.

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Report a Stormwater Problem

If you see someone illegally dumping something into the street/gutter, backwashing their pool and leaving a bunch of chemical residue, leaving a leaking vehicle out in the road, or any other stormwater pollution causing activity, contact Gilbert's Environmental & Safety Coordinator using one of the below methods:

By Phone: 480-503-6421
By Email:

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