Fountain Hills

Program Summary

When rain falls in the Town of Fountain Hills, runoff water is collected by many different types of inlets. The water is then routed via curbs/gutters, pipes, open channels and other conveyances to community retention basins, parks, and area floodways. The runoff does not go to a treatment plant.

In order to protect the quality of stormwater runoff, the Town of Fountain Hills obtained a permit from the Environmental Protection Agency in 2003. That permit requires Fountain Hills to implement a number of different programs called Best Management Practices (BMPs). Some of these BMPs include:

  • Retention Basin Maintenance
  • Storm Drain Maintenance
  • Street Sweeping
  • Oversight of Construction Sites
  • Public Education
  • Oversight of Industrial Facilities
  • Support of Oil Recycling

In addition to these BMPs, the Town of Fountain Hills has adopted ordinance 14-7, which prohibits the discharge of pollutants into the storm drain system.

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City Links

Town of Fountain Hills website:

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Report a Problem

Household Hazardous Waste / Spills
Normal Operating Hours: (480) 837-9820
After Hours: (480) 837-9820

Storm Drain / Standing Water Issues
Normal Operating Hours: (602) 721-4761
After Hours: (480) 816-5150

Illegal Dumping
Normal Operating Hours: (480) 816-5193
After Hours: (480) 816-5193

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STORM Representative(s)

Raymond Rees

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