Program Summary

Stormwater occurs when water from rain or snowmelt flows over the ground. Hard surfaces like roads and streets not only prevents stormwater from naturally soaking into the ground, but it also pick up trash, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants. Untreated, it flows into a storm sewer system that leads directly to a lake, stream, river, or wetland.

Because our highways carry stormwater runoff all across the state, ADOT is considered a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4). As such we have a statewide stormwater permit, issued by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

ADOT has developed an electronic template to prepare Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for construction. Additionally, ADOT has developed manuals for Post-Construction Best Management Practices, Erosion and Pollution Control, and Stormwater Monitoring Guidance.

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Report a Problem

To report a problem, contact the following departments/divisions:

Stormwater & Pollution Prevention

  • Illicit discharges to storm sewer system or highway.
  • Illegal dumping.

To report a problem by telephone call: 602-712-7355,
or go to:

Emergency Response

  • Spill events

Call the Traffic Operations Center (TOC) at 1-800-379-3701 or 602-527-563.

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STORM Representative(s)

Leigh Padgitt, CMS4S, Water Quality Analyst
1611 W Jackson Street
Mail Drop EM04
Phoenix, Arizona 85007